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Adaptation Rage: Or The Result of the Inevitable Failure of Hollywood to Make Fans Happy


 So, this weekend I, of course, made the trek down to my local move theater to indulge in the gratuitous violence and smart-assiness that is the latest Iron Man movie. As I sat through the 20-30 minutes of commercials and previews before the movie, I was treated to a “behind-the-scenes” story about Leonardo DiCaprio to promote The Great Gatsby and trailers for Catching Fire (the new Hunger Games move), The WolverineThor: The Dark World, and Man of Steel. I’ve also been, as I’m sure most who watch any form of TV or online streaming content have, bombarded with ads and tie-ins with the new Star Trek: Into Darkness movie. If I had no other indication of the time year than these previews, I would still be pretty sure Summer was coming. If the last few years are any indication, Summer is the season for adaptions of popular properties to break box office records and sell products in Hot Topic or on

Clearly, movie adaptions of other media must have some sort of magical powers, because they are pretty much running the movie industry these days. I mean, why else would I, while sitting in a theater waiting to watch one movie based on a Marvel superhero, be watching previews for two other Marvel superhero movies? Adaptions clearly get buts in the seats and bucks in the executive’s coffers.

So, why are adaptions so often met with disdain and rage from the very people who most love the source material?  Continue reading


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Why I Love Batgirl, Oracle, and Wonder Woman


 It’s been a while, but, now that the semester’s over I thought I’d give blogging on a more regular basis a shot.

So, this blog is supposed to be about my experiences in the fandom learning curve. I’m constantly exploring new fandoms, hopping from TV shows to movies to books. And, recently, I’ve been dipping my toe in comic book fandom.

I can say without exaggeration that comic books are the hardest fandom I’ve tried to get into. This isn’t like catching up with a TV show, where all it takes is free time and a Netflix account. Despite being a pretty dedicated reader for the last several months, I know I’ve only scratched the surface of the comic cannon. Continue reading

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