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Characters We Think We Know or Why I Subjected My Facebook Friends to Wonder Woman Facts of the Day

Poor Supes. (They actually don't talk about him very much)

Poor Supes. (They actually don’t talk about him very much)

Last month, starting on August 9 and ending on September 1, my relatively small collection of Facebook friends got to, on an almost-daily basis, have their news feeds invaded by what I had been calling my Wonder Woman Fact of the Day. The whole thing doubtless seemed somewhat random, and I couldn’t really keep it up once classes got started and my mind was occupied with other matters.

So, why did I do it? Late summer boredom waiting for classes to start again? Was I no longer able to contain my growing Wonder Woman fangirlism that had only begun in the past year, but has since spiraled out of control?

Well, the answer to both questions is “yes,” but there’s more to the story. So, let’s start with one fact that I always find amazing.

Wonder Woman was, for a story arc in the ’90s, a space pirate. That simple fact brings me so much joy, and I couldn’t help but share it with my friends on Facebook.

A friend of mine's main concern with this image was Diana's ample bosom. It is quite impressive here. Also, sorry I'm not letting you see my last name. I know; anonymity is early 2000s.

A friend of mine’s main concern with this image was Diana’s ample bosom. It is quite impressive here. Also, sorry I’m not letting you see my last name. I know; anonymity is sooo early 2000s.

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Women in Refrigerators, Demotion to Love Interest, and Loss of Identity or Why Superman and Wonder Woman Should Break Up


Awwww, their outfits are matching colors!

NOTE: There will be some more graphic images/descriptions in this piece as it will be briefly covering violence towards women in comics.

So, if anyone’s been reading DC Comic’s New 52 Justice League, they may have noticed this cover. That’s right! Superman and Wonder Woman are together. Isn’t it just great? At least in this moment, earth’s most powerful man and woman finding love in the only other person on the planet who truly understands what it is to be them.

[Edit: I totally forgot to mention there is an upcoming Superman/Wonder Woman series coming out.]

I hate this pairing.

“You hate this pairing?” you say, dear Readers, “But you just wrote a post all about the good things that come from shipping! Why can’t I ship Kal and Diana if I want to?”

Well, you adorable little scamp, I don’t so much mind you shipping them or other people seeing the potential for romance between these two. My problem is mostly with how this relationship tends to be portrayed in comics for what it does to Lois Lane, Wonder Woman, and Superman. Continue reading

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